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Don't Panic: your dog has your back... Do dogs help with mental health??

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

YES! Is the quick answer. In this blog I will talk about how, if you suffer with mental health issues, your dog really can help the dark clouds disappear. Most of us will suffer with some sort of mental health issue at some point in our life. Depression, anxiety, panic disorder etc are all horrible in their own ways. From my experience, with the three of those symptoms, my dog or if you don't own your own dog a family or friends will help you come out the other side less traumatised. Simply petting or watching a dog go about its business will take your mind off the negative thoughts flooding your brain. Taking your dog for a walk will always help you by keeping you busy and also providing you with well needed exercise.

If you suffer with anxiety attacks having a dog nearby offers some reassurance and reality, try stroking and playing with your dog. This awakens your senses and reminds you that everything is ok and WILL be ok. Sometimes we feel like we can't talk about our issues or we have no-one to talk to. Well having a dog gives you someone who will always listen and will always be happy to see. Dogs are called mans best friend for nothing.

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