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Brachycephalic Breeds: 5 things you need to know.

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

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Brachycephalic breeds can scare some wannabe dogs owners away. Its understandable. The threat of breathing difficulties or even worse case early death aren't what you want from your time with your dog. However don't worry the upside of having a brachycephalic breed of dog far outweigh the negatives.

1: Reverse sneezing.

This will look like some sort of fit and your dog my seem uncomfortable, but he/she will be fine. Reverse sneezing in very common among brachycephalic skulls. To help your dog simply cover one nostril and hold their mouth shut for few seconds whilst they are having a bout of reverse sneezing. This helps the air go through only one hole and will settle your dog.

2: Short walks.

With their little nostrils and narrow trachea 30mins a day if enough for these little dogs.

3: Don't let your dog become overheated.

This is easily done provide plenty of fresh cold water and don't walk them in hot weather for any longer than around 5/10mins.

4. Be careful of their eyes.

Some dogs may have BOS (Brachycephalic Occular Syndrome). Or sticky out eyes. Just be careful if they are playing with other dogs or when out and about that they don't scratch their eyes.

5. Snoring

Yep they snore. Loud! If you're a light sleeper maybe one of these dogs are not for you.